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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

'Wonder Woman' Final Trailer Has Dropped! | DCEU News

Wonder Woman deflects bullets in no man's land!

Download 'Wonder Woman' Final Trailer Has Dropped! | DCEU News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #378 - In this DCEU News Episode Dave and Jason discuss:
Wonder Woman Final Trailer Debuts |
Wonder Woman Alley Fight Scene |
New TV Spot |
Patty Jenkins on Why It’s Taken So Long to Get a Wonder Woman Film Made |
Patty Jenkins Talks Her Version of Diana |
Patty Jenkins on the Universal Protagonist |
Charles Roven on What Sets Wonder Woman Apart From Other Superheroes |
First Wonder Woman Reaction Compares it to Captain America |
Gal Gadot’s First Fan Experience |
Gal Gadot on Costume Controversy |
ThinkThin Controversy |
Wonder Woman Set to Debut June 2nd India |
Fabian Wagner Reveals One of His Favorite Shots |
Zack Snyder Wishes Henry Cavill Happy Birthday |
Cavill Posted A Thank You Video |
Junkie XL Talks Scoring Justice League |
Doug Liman Discusses Justice League Dark |
Aquaman Begins Production |
Official Logo Released |
Young Arthur Curry Cast |
Ben Affleck Back in Training |
Michael Giacchino Wants to Compose Batman |
Josh Gad May Be The Penguin |
Guy Ritchie Interested in 'Suicide Squad 2' |
New Video Calculates Batman’s Strength |
Jared Leto Kissed Ike Barinholtz |
Billy Crudup on When 'The Flash' Might Film |
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Sherman Smith
Brooklyn Batman‏ @Abandapart94
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