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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

And They Shall Call It 'THE BATMAN' | News

Download And They Shall Call It 'THE BATMAN' | News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #212 - And They Shall Call It 'THE BATMAN' | News - In this episode, Dave and Jason discuss:
TDK Batsuit and BatPod Sold At Auction |
Asa Butterfield Wants to be in DCEU |
Jeff Bewkes Says Batman Movie is a Year and a Half Out |
Ben Affleck Reviews Batman v Superman |
BvS & Man of Steel Box Set |
Alternate Designs for Aquaman’s Trident & Wonder Woman’s Sword Released |
Batman v Batman Trailer |
Suicide Squad Passed into 50 Highest Grossing Movies, Beat Iron Man |
Jai Courtney Talks Suicide Squad Reviews, The Flash |
Fifty Shades of Joker parody |
Alternate Costume Designs Online |
The Flash Director Teases Script and Cyborg |Justice League Shooting at Kent Farm |
Amy Adams on Using Imagination in Justice League |
Justice League Wraps Leavesden |Ezra Miller Is Excited For Fantastic beasts and Justice League |
Ben Affleck Confirms Title to be The Batman |
Joe Manganiello Starts Research into Deathstroke |
Affleck Explains Why Deathstroke |
Snyder Released Picture That Hints at Deathstroke in Justice League |
Morena Baccarin Talks Love Quadrangle |
Clark and Kara Team Up in New Supergirl Video |
Dominators to Invade Earth in CW Crossover |
Supergirl Gets Brought In to CW Fight Club |
Extended CW Sizzle Reel |
Run Devil Run Extended Trailer |
Questions with Tom Felton |
Tom Cavanagh on Flashpoint Changes to Wells |
John Wesley Shipp On Playing Jay Garrick as Barry 25 Years Later |
Deathstroke Coming to Arrow 100th |
Arrow Season 5 Meet The Team Trailer |
Wendy Mericle on Bringing Laurel back |
Guggenheim: New Arrow Costume, New Police Sketch by Neal Adams |
Diggle’s Helmet Looks Dope |
Guggenheim Tweets Vigilante George Perez Police Sketch |
Stephen Amell Tweets Schedule |
Cody Rhodes Role Revealed |
Echo Kellum Says They Got All Arrow Business Done in the Crossover |
First JSA Photo for Legends of Tomorrow |
Lance Henriksen Confirms He’s GL’s Son |Krypton Casts Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El |
Justice League Dark First Group Photo |
Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders Limited Edition Blu Ray |
Mike MIgnola Animated New Gods Designs |
Wonder Woman Sexuality |

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