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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Gotham 3x06 – Mad City: Follow The White Rabbit | Recap & Review

Download Gotham 3x06 – Mad City: Follow The White Rabbit | Recap & Review
SPOILERS,NSFW - DC on SCREEN #233 - Gotham 3x06 – Follow The White Rabbit

The Mad Hatter kicks off his campaign of retribution against James Gordon, who blindly follows a poetic, whitely-dressed man around the streets of Gotham City hoping to track down the dangerous criminal. He soon discovers that Tetch’s plans are to lead him through a homicidal landscape of horrors as he pits the detective up against a series of impossible choices, culminating in a tea party in which James is forced to choose whether new flame Valerie Vale or old love Leslie Tompkins should survive the meal. Gordon opts for Hatter to shoot Lee, so obviously, Hatter shoots Valerie, who survives thanks to the surgical skills of Lee’s gangster-family and blank-shooting fiancé. Meanwhile, Penguin has discovered his true feelings for Nygma. Unfortunately for Pengers, the doppleganger of Nygma’s first love shows up and doesn’t appear to know or care that he strangled the living-shit out of either her or her look-a-like.
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