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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Mel Gibson Plays Foostie With 'Suicide Squad 2' | DCEU News

Download Mel Gibson Plays Foostie With 'Suicide Squad 2' | DCEU News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #322 - In this DCEU News episode, Dave and Jason discuss:
Lego Batman Wins Presidents Day Weekend |
Zack Snyder Loves Lego Batman |
Chris McKay Talks Villains They Didn’t Use |
Chris McKay Wants to Do Lego Justice league |
Siri Thinks You’re Batman |
Jay Olivia Talks Storyboarding the DCEU |
James Cameron Lists Zack Snyder As an Inspiration |
Empire Magazine Wonder Woman Issue |
Wonder Woman Test Screening Results |
Ares Actor Is Being Reported |
New Wonder Woman Trailer Coming Soon |
Wonder Woman’s (Dr. Pepper) Cans |
Justice League Trailer Coming Soon |
BTS Pic of Batman in ‘Justice League’ |
Fabian Wagner Talks Justice League Cinematography |
New Batmobile Toy Pics Show Us New Justice League Model |
New Statues Offer Best Justice League Look Yet |
Aquaman Filming Date Released |
Aquaman Gets Forrest Gump Cinematographer |
Jason Momoa Talks Aquaman Script |
James Wan Says No Aqualad |
Aquaman Training Videos |
Matt Reeves No Longer in Talks to Direct The Batman |
The Rock Explains Why Black Adam is a Hero |
Shazam Gets a Director? |
Common Wants to Play John Stewart |
Mel Gibson and the Suicide Squad 2 Directors Shortlist |
Michael Wilkinson Designs for BvS |
New Concept Art for BvS Released |
Batman v Superman Alternate Outfit Design |
Batman Begins Gets Honest Trailer |
J. Jonah jameson in Man of BvS |
Critical Thinking: What You Like vs. What Is ‘Good’

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