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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Supergirl 2x11 - The Martian Chronicles | Recap & Review

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SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #314 - Supergirl 2x11 - The Martian Chronicles | Recap & Review Kara still isn’t okay with Winn, James, or Mon El, and this week she adds Alex to the list of grudges because Alex asks if she can skip Kara’s Earth birthday to spend time with Maggie.  But there are bigger problems to deal with since the White Martians have arrived.  M’Gann’s ex has arrived, and wants to take her back to Mars for trial and execution,but Hank won’t have it.  He convinces her to retreat to the DEO headquarters with him so he can protect her, but hubbie has arrived and taken the form of one of the crew.  It turns out that Winn is the Martian counterfeit.  But wait for it.  There are 2 Martians and Alex is the other one!  After the team recovers the real Winn and Alex, they try to disarm the Martian backup plan, which is to just blow the whole damn building up.  Supergirl, Hank, and M’Gann lay into the White Martians while a very groggy Winn disarms the bomb.  After all this, M’Gann decides to head back to Mars to seek out other dissenters like herself, because she can’t be the only decent Martian left on the planet.  Hank reluctantly says goodbye.  And after a week of thinking about it and a pep talk from  Alex, Kara decides to talk to Mon El about how they feel, but she finds him on the way to lunch with someone else and backs out.

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