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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

They Say Matt Reeves is Directing 'The Batman' | DCEU News

Download They Say Matt Reeves is Directing 'The Batman' | DCEU News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #318 - In this DCEU News Episode, we discuss:
Happy Birthday to Listener/Friend Christopher White |
Happy 1-Year Anniversary to Nerdtalkalypse! |
Check Out Our Friend Eli on His New Show Stealing the Remote! |
Aria Moffly Promoted to Vice President of Creative Affairs at DC Entertainment |
Arnold Schwarzenegger Coming to Wonder Woman? |
New Justice League Pic Released |
Wonder Woman Promises a New Justice League Trailer Soon |
Laurence Fishburne Says He’s Not in Justice League |
Atlantis Described | In-Development Preview Released of Justice League Batman Suit |
Justice League Was Always Meant to Be Brighter |
Total Film Confirms Cyborg is a Mother Box |
Snyder Talks Justice League Team Dynamic |
Kiersey Clemons Confirms Justice League Appearance |
Temuera Morrison in Talks to Play Tom Curry |
Nicole Kidman in Talks to Play Aquaman’s Mother |
Black Manta Cast? | Amber Heard Training Video |
Jason Momoa Also Obviously Training |
Ben Affleck Wants Out as Batman? |
Matt Reeves To Direct The Batman? |
Ridley Scott to Direct The Batman? |
Casey Affleck Says No To Robin |
Chris Terrio Rewrite? |
Joe Manganiello Not Playing Deathstroke? |
Joe Talks Training for Deathstroke |
Joe Manganiello Talks His Take on Deathstroke |
Haley Bennett As Catwoman? |
Lena Headey As Catwoman? |
Zack Snyder Release VFX Reel |
LEGO Redesigns for DCTV |
LEGO Batman Takes Jab At Suicide Squad |
LEGO Batman Numbers |
Will Arnett Pranks a UK Toy Store as Batman |

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